January 5, 2010

No one trevel’s as much as me

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I moved here to Snow Lake and I live here for 1 year and it was one good year I made lot’s of friends here in Snow Lake now I have to move to Alberta and I don’t want to move. But I just have to move to another country again my dad said that we wont move again now we are moving again I have moved to lots of country’s and not again. I always want to stay at a place at least 2 years and I think this time it will be staying at a place for 2 years we have only bestaying at a place for 1 year.


December 17, 2009

The world must live in peace

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The world is loosing a lot of people these days just cause of war the have spent millions of dollars just on weapons,boat and on the Armour. The hole world will be just over war and then no one will ever live. There isn’t that much people in the world that live in peace anymore. There is millions of people that die in the war if there is an other World War there will be millions of people dead and then there won’t be that much people left in the world. We have been losing many people these days. And they just have war of one land it is just an land.

December 4, 2009

Chapter 9-12

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Later in the book Darry and Ponyboy scared kids and that Ponyboy started standing up for himself and that Jonny didn’t  had to fight his battles for him anymore. Ponyboy kept on saying for himself that Jonny isn’t dead and that he maybe is siting on the bench at the back of the church in Windrixville,asleep in the lot or playing the pinball machine in the bowling alley. Sodapop,Dally,Two-bit,Darry and Steve where laying there with band-aids and stiches all over their body. They woke up when Ponyboy closed he door they said that he must sit down and that he wasn’t ready for the rumble. He told them that Jonny is dead but he kept saying that he isn’t so Dall ran out and phoned then said “I robbed a grocery store and that they have too go to the lot when they got there he was there and then the police came and then Dally pulled out the gun. The police shot him they aways said that he would die sooner or later and that he would die like this.

November 27, 2009

Response Chapter 5-8

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Basic the whole thing is just going abut how Pony Boy had gotten in the taxi then the taxi driver asked him what happen just cuase of that he was bleeding and that he is bleeding all over his cab seat then Pony boy got at his house then he saw Dally Darry Steve all the other kids bleeding and stitches. They all opened their eyes when Pony boy closed the door then they told him to sit down. And I still don’t believe that they survived in the rumble against the socs. Pony boy said that Jonny is dead and he kept on saying that he isn’t dead the Dally ran out that he can’t control himself. So then Dally phoned and said that he had robed the store so they ran to the park lot and there he was then the cop’s came and they got out of their car and then they shot Daly and they said that he would end soon. And I gotta say this is so far a good book.

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